Election Ink, Indelible Ink

Election Ink by Octopus Fluids

Our election ink (vote ink, indelible ink) is used in many countries where voter identification is difficult due to a lack of standardization of ID documents. Marking a voter’s finger with a so-called voting spot is an efficient method of preventing voter fraud caused by multiple votes by individual persons. In addition, there are many other applications where safe and permanent skin marking is required.

Particularly high quality demands are placed on voting ink (election ink, indelible ink). Due to the careful selection of the ingredients used, our election ink dries on the skin within a very short time and is then highly resistant to water, grease, bleach and solvents. By adding silver nitrate, it leaves an indelible colour stain on the skin for at least 96 hours.

In the development of our indelible ink, we have also paid particular attention to the skin-friendliness of the ink. It can therefore also be used in the context of vaccination campaigns for children.

Our ink can be used in dipping bottles as well as in spray bottles or permanent markers. As standard, the Fluids election ink is available in the colour violet. Other colours are available on request.

We develop indelible ink according to your needs. Please let us know your individual requirements regarding durability or colour shade. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Dorit MarschnerElection Ink