Stamping inks that dry where they are supposed to dry

Stamping inks

Our stamping ink for refilling ink pads is produced without oil. Therefore, it is ideal for the use with rubber and polymer stamp sheets. The raw materials used for the ink ensure a high durability of the stamp sheets such as the stamp sheets used for Trodat or Colop stamps and conventional rubber stamps or wooden stamps. The dyes we use are highly resistant to light and other environmental influences. The drying properties in particular have been optimised to ensure that our stamping inks dry where they are supposed to dry – that is, they dry quickly on the paper, but slowly in the stamp pad.

Our stamping inks are produced in five different colours. In addition to the standard black, we also produce red, blue, green and violet stamping inks. For each colour, we chose a shade that appears pleasant to our eyes. We are, of course, aware that our development is subject to our subjective colour perception. But we believe that the results are more than satisfactory.

The names of manufacturers and trademarks such as WOLKE, HSA Jet, VideoJet, reajet, APS, MicroJet, HandJet are indicated only to illustrate the fields of application of our inks and are the property of their respective owners.

K238548Water-based stamping inks