Resin Inks by Octopus Fluids

Resin Ink by Octopus Fluids for Resin Art

Our Resin Inks are a special form of Alcohol Inks, which have been developed for colouring epoxy resin, UV resin, acrylic resin, polyester resin and other casting resin systems.

Due to their extremely high content of colourants, they are much more productive than conventional Alcohol Inks and can therefore be used extremely sparingly. This means that both the mixing ratio and the heat resistance of the resin remain unaffected. Our Resin Inks are absolutely true to colour. Their original colour remains after mixing in the resin and after the drying process – without any brown tint!

Compared to our series of alcohol inks, which were especially developed for alcohol ink painting, the dye content in the resin inks is about 5 times higher, which allows an even stronger colouring of the epoxy resin. The flow properties of the resin inks have also been optimised for use in resin. This makes the colours ideal for the production of resin jewellery, resin coasters and the popular petri dish art. All colours can be easily combined with each other and with our Alcohol Inks.

Currently the range includes 35 different colours, further colours as well as corresponding starter sets are already being planned. (Here you can find our product overview)

Christopher MöllerResin Ink